Projekt NF řešený na VFU

loga norské fondy

Project number: NF-CZ07-INP-5-343-2016 (EEA and Norway Grants)


Programme: CZ 07 Scholarship Programme & Bilateral Scholarship Programme


Programme structure code: CZ07/MSNG/INPNG04


Name of the call: Individual grants - teachers/academic staff/administrative staff - Norway Grants -

Call 4


Project name: Enhancement of human capital and knowledge base in the field of proteomics and genomics at VFU Brno and cooperation with the University of Bergen


Applicant: Mgr. Ivan Manga, Ph.D.


Host institution name and address: University of Bergen, Gade Research Group for Infection and Immunity
P.O. Box 7800, NO-5020, 7800 Bergen, Norway


Host institution description:
The host institute was chosen with regard to similar object of scientific interest as compared to the home-institute (research of microbial pathogens, issues of antibiotic resistance) and due the know-how with proteogenomic analysis. The Gade Research Group for Infection and Immunity specializes on label-free quantitative proteomics of pathogenic bacteria. The proteomic workflow consists of high-resolution LC-MS/MS analysis of digested cell extracts and downstream bioinformatic processing of the acquired MS spectra. The primary interest of the group is in determining protein signatures of different pathogenic and commensal strains in response to a relevant stimulus (e.g. antibiotic pressure, different culturing conditions). The research work is partly based on a collection of genome-sequenced reference strains and access to clinical isolates of relevant bacteria. The group also has an extensive experience with the proteogenomic analysis, which is the use of proteomic data to improve microbial genome annotation.


Main focus of the project: Research stay


Programme result (the overall goal of the project): Increased higher education student and staff mobility between Beneficiary and EEA EFTA States


A mobility placement project conceived as a research stay of applicant will support expansion and improvement of his professional knowledge in the field of genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics. The education and practise performed under the guidance of a supervisor will be focused on high-resolution liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) analysis, qualitative and quantitative analysis of proteins, structural and functional bacterial genome annotation, proteogenomic analysis and introduction of various bioinformatics tools. Besides the gained skills and competences, a new collaboration focused on research of microbial pathogens and issues of antibiotic resistance will be discussed and established between the institute from Czech Republic and the donor state. This will be promoted by pilot joint experimental analysis performed during the applicant mobility placement.


university hospital


Haukeland University Hospital, The Laboratory Building (workplace of the Gade Research Group for Infection and Immunity, University of Bergen)